3 Moving Mistakes That Can Instantly Ruin Floors

Many people only give themselves a day or two to move from one house or apartment to another. This short time frame can result in cutting corners to save time. Floors often get damaged in the rush to move in and out of residences. You can take a few precautions to ensure that the move does not result in damaged floors.

Cover Floors

The easiest way to prevent floor damage is to cover the floors with a tarp or plastic to prevent damage. Manufacturers create a type of plastic floor covering that is slightly sticky. This cover protects the floor, stays in place, and is easily removed when done hardwood floors and carpet. Movers or anyone going in and out of the residence can also wear shoe covers made of fabric. A small elastic band keeps them in place on your feet.

Carry Items

Some people may be tempted to drag heavier items on the floor once movers place moving boxes in chesterfield mo and the furniture in a room. However, this can be a great way to scratch hardwood floors or damage carpet. The best option is to pick up heavy items and reposition them in the room. If you do this while the movers are still at the home, you will save your floors and your back.

Choose Quality

When trying to pack items for moving, some people run around to stores and grab any boxes that they can find. However, many of these boxes were not made with packing home goods in mind. They fall apart easily, especially when weighed down with heavy items. You can quickly and easily purchase new or used moving boxes from moving companies, home improvement stores, or people who have recently moved. Sturdy boxes will protect your items and the floors.

Floors can easily get damaged during a move. Taking a few precautions will prevent long-lasting and costly repairs.