Three Ways To Upkeep Your HVAC Unit

Almost all modern homes are built with central heating and cooling systems. HVAC units, which effectively act as the engine behind central air systems, almost never fail to distribute hot, cool, and unconditioned ventilation throughout homes better than their wall- and window-mounted counterparts. As you might imagine, central air systems are more expensive to purchase than one-off air conditioners and plug-in space heaters. They’re well worth the additional cost, however. One of the best ways to get more bang for your proverbial buck from your HVAC system is to regularly maintain your system. Here are a few solid maintenance tips for central heating and air systems.

Filters Are Easy to Check and Replace

Air filters are also inherently integral to the performance of heating and cooling systems. Without air filters, expensive HVAC units draw in tons of dirt, debris, bugs, other particles, and small objects. These small pieces of matter accumulate over time and cause the inner workings of external HVAC units to deteriorate. Air filters can be found inside homes, typically on wide-open walls. Change these filters at least twice yearly.

Don’t Neglect the Exhaust

Homeowners need to clean their homes’ systems of ductwork. However, this task is far too difficult and extensive for most people to undertake. In other words, it should be left to the professionals. Always make it an effort to clean out the outdoors exhaust of your HVAC system. It requires no know-how, expertise, or expensive tools.

Clogged Evaporator Drains Are Bad News

You’ll be able to locate the evaporator drain by looking at the pipe the drips water whenever it blows cool air. This drain line can be cleaned by using a heavy-duty vacuum like a ShopVac. Don’t try to clean evaporator coil drains with regular, plain-Jane vacuums that are used to clean residences’ carpets.

These three means of maintaining the health of your central heating and cooling system aren’t the only ways homeowners should keep their central air systems clean, though performing them regularly will unarguably reduce the risk of your home needing an ac replacement conroe tx.