Rebuilding After the Storm Hits – Again

Many areas of the United States will get hit by heavy storms, torrential rain falls, and unexpected tornadoes this year. When the storms devastate your property, home, or commercial building you are left to rebuild – again. Here are a few things you can do to make it through the rebuilding process with a positive attitude.

Stay Calm and Check

Once the worst of the storm is over, check that everyone is accounted for. If there are any injuries, isolate them and offer help. If power lines are still up, contact emergency services. Then begin making a temporary shelter to keep everyone safe and dry from the wind and rain in the storm’s aftermath. If you can find a hotel that isn’t storm ravaged, that is a great option. Move everyone into a safe location, and then find out what you can do to help others.

Locate Neighbors and Protect

You may not be a trained rescue personnel, but you can check on your neighbors and see how they fared through the storm and its repercussions. If they are elderly or disabled, contact emergency crews to let them know about the situation and then move your neighbors to a safe place as directed by the rescue teams.

Check Property and Contact

If you are a business owner, check the building for any apparent problems. If the windows were blown out, contact a commercial glass company Baltimore MD and ask for emergency boarding services or glass replacement. Locate utilities and verify they are working; if they are not, contact the companies and notify someone of the problem. Make sure you find out how to turn off the power and gas to the building until it can become owner-occupied again.

Tornadoes ripping through neighborhoods and torrential rains pouring down on already flooded streets are always possibilities during storm seasons. Knowing what to do to protect your family, neighbors, and employees can help save lives.