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From Figure 2 above, we can see JPRE is overweight the sectors with macro tailwinds like Data Centers and Apartments. The JPRE ETF was formerly a Mutual Fund known as the JPMorgan Realty Income Fund and converted to an ETF structure in May 2022. The JPRE ETF is managed by a team of managers with a combined 66 years of industry experience .

  • “Decoded” columns designed to help you decode the complex world of residential real estate, from Agents to the Housing Market to the Industry as a whole.
  • The Current Sentiment Index Score reached a decadal high at 72, with the Future Sentiment score and Developer Future Sentiment Score also showing positive trends.
  • In April, property owners won two decisive victories at the Supreme Court in support of property…
  • With hints of mortgage rates holding steady in the new year, Zillow estimates that the costs of buying a home will stabilize and could move lower if mortgage rates fall.

There were 411 sales across the 12 markets covered in the three months to December compared to 370 in the same period in 2022. Across our basket of world cities, average prices only experienced a decline on a quarterly basis in the final quarter of 2022, after which prices have risen by 2.7%. Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, has recorded its best performance on record for real estate deals in May, driven by brisk sales and high demand despite increased mortgage rates and rising property prices.

Homebuyers and sellers face an uncertain wait for billion-dollar verdict to hit their wallets

While the media forecasts a “mass exodus” from the real estate profession, NAR membership numbers have remained consistent in the last year. Real estate broker tips, trends, and strategies on how to operate a business for long-term success. The commercial property supplies its tenants with harvested produce from its urban farm.

  • When you think about real estate investing, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your home.
  • The demand for housing remains high in Palm Beach County, with home values rising across…
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Advancing best practices, bringing insight to trends, and providing timely decision-making tools. Affordability, economic, and buyer & seller profile data for areas in which you live and work. Bringing you savings and unique offers on products and services just for REALTORS®. Investors bought 18.2 percent — or nearly one in five — of all the homes sold in the U.S. 56.5 percent of homes sold above list price — up 29.6 percent from a year earlier. It’s a trend that will likely continue in 2022, as momentum shifts away from the suburbs and international travel returns — unless new Covid variants interfere.