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  • Hopefully, armed with knowledge about condominiums, REALTORS® will be more successful with condominium sales.
  • This includes hiring and supervising contractors, scheduling repairs, and making sure that the work is completed satisfactorily.
  • Once deleted, your information will no longer be searchable or included in anonymous searches and will be completely removed from all the storage location.
  • Most declarations outline exclusive use of common elements in schedule F and the boundaries of a unit and common elements in schedule C.
  • Five exclusive units of 2-bedroom villas, semi-furnished and scheduled for completion in…

It seamlessly blends luxurious residential living with a holistic wellness environment, creating a haven for those seeking a perfect balance between comfort and well-being. Unparalleled Investment Opportunity This one-of-a-kind project incorporates Ayurvedic principles, offering a unique perspective on investment and rental potential, particularly attracting global tourists. It’s a balanced haven for living, leisure, and work, merging modern architectural marvels with ancient wisdom that nourishes both individuals and the environment. More Than Just a Residence Sunny Wellness SPA isn’t just a residential complex; it’s a sanctuary for health, relaxation, and peace. Inspired by the world’s leading hotel chains, every corner has been meticulously crafted, resulting in an exceptional fusion of amenities designed for your ultimate well-being. Condos also provide a community life that single-family homes often don’t provide, including shared spaces and amenities, events and more.


Under the Philippine Condominium Act and other related laws, developers are required to provide full and accurate information about the condominium project to prospective buyers. The board’s duties include setting policies, approving budgets, hiring property managers or other service providers, and ensuring compliance with the corporation’s bylaws and relevant laws. Condominium ownership is distinct from other property types, such as single-family homes and townhouses, mainly due to the unique legal structure and shared ownership of common areas.


The Edge Fair Value tool lets users calculate the fair value of a property, while the En Bloc Calculator helps to determine the probability of a Singapore project being put up for collective sale. Our whole new Research tool provides you data on past transactions, price trends, and more for condos, HDBs, landed houses, commercial properties and industrial properties. A condo house offers individual ownership of units within a larger complex, whereas apartments are typically rented units within a single building. Look no further than our comprehensive list of available properties! From Cebu Business Park to IT Park in Apas, Lahug, and beyond, we’ve got the perfect condo for you. Check out our listings for Mandaue, Talisay, Lapu-lapu City, and Liloan condos by scrolling down and clicking “next.” Choose from studio, 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom, and penthouse units, as well as parking spaces.

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A condominium, often shortened to “condo,” is a form of housing tenure where a specific unit or apartment is individually owned, while the common areas of the property are jointly owned by all the condo owners within the complex. These common areas typically include facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, parking lots, hallways, and elevators. Condominiums can take the form of residential buildings, townhouses, or even detached houses within a gated community. A condominium (also known as a “condo”) is a big property complex designed for various apartments, each of which is individually owned.

  • Common areas include shared spaces and facilities, such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, stairs, parking areas, recreational amenities, and other areas intended for the common use and benefit of all unit owners.
  • Well-establised school, Nanyang Primary School is also within a kilometre away.
  • Location – Thailand is located strategically in the center of Asia.
  • Originally limited to nine signatory nations, over 40 are now signatories of the treaty.
  • By understanding the importance of effective administration, building a strong management team, and utilizing the right strategies and tools, condominiums can thrive and provide an exceptional living experience for unit owners expect their residents.