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For sellers, being knowledgeable about the legal definition of a condominium allows them to accurately represent their property to potential buyers. It helps them explain the unique aspects of condominium ownership and highlight the benefits of living in a shared community. Understanding the legal definition of a condominium is crucial for both buyers and sellers.

  • Another drawback is that you will have to follow rules that govern the entire building, which can control everything from the type of pets you’re allowed to own to the type of windows you’re allowed to install.
  • This is extremely beneficial since you don’t need to vacate your condo while using it as collateral.
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  • The condo landlord’s rights to the land doesn’t even include the four chambers that separate the property from those other units or the common facilities, as this description shows.

The registered condominium plan is very important because unit owners’ interests are limited to only what is registered. As such in addition to the Certificate of title, an intending purchaser of a condominium unit ought to specifically examine the condominium plan before concluding a sale transaction. The certificate of title issued in respect of a condominium unit has the same effect as a certificate of title issued for land under the Registration of Title Act Cap. Therefore the certificate of title is transferable through sale and transmittable upon death as part of the unit owner’s estate. Titles of properties are either under Seller’s name or under various stages of consolidation in the Seller’s name.

Tips for Maintaining Your Condominium Unit

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The process to transfer legal title in the ownership of a condominium unit and, logically and impliedly also, the corresponding ‘share value’ interest in the condominium development as a whole, is clear. The Condo Law anticipates a process of transfer of land to ‘collective owners’. While a framework is provided for the transfer of ‘apartment certificates’ upon the sale of the condominium by the original purchaser, there is not yet any workable framework to transfer the mirror interests in the underlying title to the development land.