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By providing a legal framework for the establishment, governance, and management of condominium projects, the law has facilitated the growth of this segment of the real estate market. Amending or modifying the master deed typically requires the approval of a specified majority of the unit owners, as outlined in the condominium corporation’s bylaws. Any proposed amendments must be consistent with the provisions of the Philippine Condominium Act and other applicable laws. House rules are regulations set by the condominium corporation to maintain order, safety, and harmony within the community. They typically cover matters such as noise levels, pet ownership, garbage disposal, and the use of common areas and facilities. In addition to owning their individual unit, condominium unit owners also hold a proportionate and undivided interest in the common areas of the condominium project.


Effective financial management ensures the condominium’s long-term sustainability and protects residents unit owners’ investments. Furthermore, condos are governed by condo societies, which impose specific regulations and restrictions on residents. The condo association sets rules for just how appropriate context can be utilized, how much condo owners can upgrade or change their units, and who can share these spaces with them. Condo living comes with a number of advantages, including access to services that are normally only available for a fee. Pools, table tennis, and fitness facilities are all available to owners at no additional cost. Jacuzzi, roof entertaining spaces, and gardens are also available at certain high-end condos.

Is there a private pool available to guests staying at Bay Resort Condominium?

The shared amenities and common areas that are typically located on lower floors and within high-rise condos serve as gathering places, fostering interactions among residents and creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Landscaping is another maintenance task that is often managed by the condo management. High-rise condos usually have landscaped areas, such as gardens, courtyards, or rooftop green spaces. One of the key benefits of high-rise condo living is the proximity to business districts. Many high-rise condos are located in or near major business hubs, allowing individuals to have a shorter commute and more time for other activities.

However, the landlord’s capacity to sell or rent the space outside of the unit may be limited by the covenant, conditions, and restrictions. Mid-rise condos are another type of development that is popular in Thailand. These projects are usually located in residential areas and offer units with modern finishes and access to amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and sky gardens. For example, Niche MONO Itsaraphap by Sena Development is a new mid-rise condo project located in the Itsaraphap area of Bangkok. The project features modern units with high-quality finishes and access to amenities such as a fitness center, swimming pool and sky garden. These types of condos are very popular among locals and expats alike because of affordable prices with high rental yield.