How To Book a Guest Speaker for Your Church

A guest speaker adds a touch of excitement in your church and often attracts new visitors to your event. Although the process of booking a guest may feel overwhelming, the right planning and preparation will help it go smoothly. Follow these steps to ace the process whether it’s your first or 50th time.

1. Choose a Topic

Choose your topic carefully. You want one that will benefit your church members, whether that’s a deeper take on the current sermon series or a general faith topic like prayer, missions or Bible study. Consider addressing a need your church members have, such as booking a Christian counselor to talk about handling addictions, anxiety or anger.

2. Select a Speaker

Ask your pastors and church leaders for suggestions on a knowledgeable speaker who specializes in your chosen topic. Do a web search to identify Christian organizations who do speaking engagements Greensboro NC. Once your guest accepts your invitation, finalize all the details on expectations, pay, schedule and any needs the speaker may have, such as a merchandise table.

3. Create an Itinerary

Create an itinerary with all the details of the visit. If your guest is traveling to your church, include information on airport pick-up, hotel stay, transportation and meals. For a multi-day event, clearly list all the dates and times the guest has agreed to speak. Confirm the itinerary with the guest speaker and make any changes he or she requests. Although sometimes unavoidable issues pop up that lead to a change in plans, do your absolute best to keep to the agreed upon schedule. Last minute revisions are often frustrating to the guest speaker as he or she has spent a considerable amount of time preparing for your event.

4. Pay Quickly

If possible, arrange to give the agreed-on payment to your speaker personally at the conclusion of the event. If not, follow-up after a few days with your church’s secretary to make sure payment has been made.

Follow these steps to successfully book a guest speaker for your church.