Do New Windows Boost Your Home Value

Do New Windows Boost Your Home Value

Windows aren’t as flashy as a sparkling new front door or as noticeable as new siding or a new roof. However, new windows can add significant value to your home. And windows also add to your real estate curb appeal. When choosing exterior home improvements, windows should be up on your list for the many different ways they can increase the comfort of living in your home and also increase the resale price when selling.

Learn more about how new windows can boost your home’s value.

Return on Investment

An important factor for any homeowner is understanding the cost of investment compared to the cost that will be returned, or recouped upon sale price. According to Remodeling Online, window replacements will recoup around 70% of your investment. To break these numbers down to the following:

  • Whole house vinyl window replacements average about $16,802 and will recoup about $12,302, gaining back about 73.4%.
  • Whole house wooden window replacements average about $20,526 and will recoup about $14,530, gaining back about 70.8%.

But your return on investment doesn’t stop at direct reimbursement.

Energy Savings

Energy-saving windows can put money back in the bank whether you choose to stay in your home or sell. In addition, you’ll be making an environmentally supportive choice to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Modern windows come with many different features that may support strong energy savings including:

  • High-quality frames
  • Multi-paned glass often referred to as double-paned or triple-paned windows
  • Gas infused panes, usually filled with argon, an inert, odorless, and colorless gas
  • Low-e glass (a type of glass with a special coating to reflect infrared lights) and help keep out damaging solar radiation
  • Warm edge spacers which help keep panes in the right spot and eliminate warm air loss

Look for the ENERGY STAR and NFRC labels to find energy-efficient quality windows, and you could reduce your heat loss (or cooling loss) by 25-30%, significant savings over time. You can also check for ENERGY STAR rebates in your area.

Curb Appeal and Atmosphere

New windows will help increase your curb appeal, and also improve the atmosphere indoors. Buyers understand the value of efficient and clean windows, and will appreciate your efforts. More subtly, quality windows affect the light that enters your home. Light helps create the atmosphere that either will — or won’t — appeal to a potential home buyer.

And if you plan to stay put for a while, this lighting will matter even more. Adequate daylight is important to your health and enjoyment of your home, as well as helps once again by reducing unneeded utility bills. Any investment that a potential buyer would enjoy, you can enjoy too.

New Installs vs. Repairs

Choosing whether you need a whole house of new windows, a few replacements, or just a few repairs depends on a number of factors. Ask yourself the following:

  • What is your investment budget?
  • What will your return on this investment be in sale price, in the enjoyment of your home, and in energy savings?
  • What is the lifespan of your remaining windows if you don’t replace them now?
  • Is the window an antique or defining feature of the home?
  • Will a partial replacement make the rest of the home feel mismatched?
  • Did you like that window in the first place?
  • Is your current window material right for your climate?

In general, new windows will boost the value of your home, but there should be multiple factors in your decision. Your budget and goals for window replacements should be carefully planned before you make a large commitment. Check with an expert who understands your local climate and architecture, and always purchase high-quality windows.