Most Common Pests in New York City

Making Sure Your Home Is Safe

Amid the thriving life of New York City lurks a danger of infestation. With so many people living and working close to one another, it’s easy for infestations to be transferred from one person to the next. Since pests can destroy parts of the home as well as furniture and belongings, it’s important to stop the infestation before it becomes out of hand. More importantly, pests can often increase certain health hazards. If you live in New York City, then you need to know about these common pests found within the city. In addition, you should have an exterminator NYC ready to handle any infestation that crops up.


One unfortunate pest that has made itself home in New York City is the notorious cockroach. These guys can be quite small but can also grow to great lengths. They’re also incredibly difficult to get rid of. They typically only move around in the middle of the night, so it can be difficult to know if you have an infestation until it’s too late. Or, worse, when you’re walking out to the kitchen in the middle of the night to grab a snack and turn on the light only to find several six-legged creeps scuttling across the counter. While you should seal up any gaps that might allow them entry, you need to call an exterminator to properly deal with these pests.

Bed Bugs

Another notorious pest on New York City are bed bugs. While they do not carry any diseases typically, they do feed on human blood. While you’re sleeping soundly in your bed, they bite your skin and suck your blood to feed themselves. Disgusting, right? These bugs are also difficult to kill, so you need an experienced exterminator to do the job … Read More...

Home Loans at Low Interest Rates For Refinancing – 5 Tips

A home loan, or mortgage, is an amazing thing if you think about it. After all, by taking out a home loan you are effectively buying something that you could never in your wildest dreams afford if you had to pay cash for it up front. Rather, immediately after coming up with a relatively small down payment for your home loan, you are able to get a hold of the keys and walk through the front door of a very expensive piece of property. It’s effectively yours!

But, then again, technically it is still the bank’s property until you pay it off in full, sometime in 20 or 30 years in most cases. Oh well, at least it is partly yours!

Regardless of whose home it really is at the moment, there comes a time in many homeowner’s lives when they believe it may be time to refinance The Texas Mortgage Pros. But, how can you know whether now is the time to refinance, and how can you get the best interest rates on a refinance loan?

When Refinancing Home Loans Makes Sense

There are a number of reasons why this may be the time to refinance your mortgage. Reasons why it make sense include if:

a. your home is worth more than you owe on your home (i.e., you have equity in your home)

b. you believe that interest rates have come down since the time you took out your mortgage

c. you face possible foreclosure or default on your existing mortgage

d. your payments have become hard to make each month

e. you still occupy the home

f. you plan to remain in the home for at least 2-3 years or more into the future

Why Getting A Low Interest Rate Matters

While refinancing for any of …

The Design Process

A deck is an extension of the home with many functions. It can be an area where you gather with your family to enjoy talking to each other or to enjoy grilling a meal. It can also be a place where you hold special events, such as birthday parties. Before you build a deck, you should have a design idea in place so that you know the size that you want and the features that you want to include.

First, set a budget for how much you can comfortably afford for your deck. This budget should include hiring a contractor if you’re not doing the work yourself as well as any permits that you might need because of adding an extension to your home. Meet with Chicago deck builders who can give you an estimate about how much the project could cost and some of the amenities that you might want to include. Once you have a budget in place, you can begin looking for a contractor or begin purchasing the supplies that you’ll need for the project.

The design of your deck should be based on the activities that you’ll do the most while you’re outside. If you plan to entertain a lot, then you might want to consider an open space. However, a smaller design would be ideal if you just want somewhere you can relax and enjoy time talking to your family and friends. The furniture and decorations that you want to add are just as important as the deck itself. If you want to have nicer furniture, a rug, lights, or decorations that are similar to what you might have inside your home, then consider a covered deck or one that is completely enclosed with screened sides. You can also design the deck using other clear … Read More...

Avoid Chimney Fires with Regular Fireplace Care

Fireplaces are one of those wonderful features of a home that adds warmth through the winter months. A fireplace that has been properly cared for also adds a beautiful aesthetic in a living room or bedroom. Unfortuantely, due to lack of care, chimney fires are extremely common. There are a few ways to prevent this from happening.

Clean Your Fireplace After Every Use

Every time you’re done with your fireplace, clean up after it. This doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out process. However, you need to brush up all of the soot and ash. You should also break down all of the logs that are inside. Otherwise, you’re going to allow too many chemicals to build up inside of the fireplace and the chimney. It could end up making a mess the next time you start a fire. Harmful chemicals could enter your home, too.

Use a Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep in Washington DC is able to get a lot further up the chimney than you can. They’ll be able to clean the entire liner, removing soot and chemical buildup. Without being able to get all of this out, it accumulates. It could only be a matter of time before there is too much buildup. The next time you start a fire in your fireplace could be the catalyst to a chimney fire.

Follow Recommended Solutions

If you have a chimney sweep in Washington DC tell you that you need to replace the chimney cap or liner, you will want to listen to their suggestions. They are telling you this to ensure that you don’t encounter problems. Additionally, different types of fireplaces require different types of wood and fire-starting methods. Follow the recommendations based on the fireplace type that you have to avoid fires or other … Read More...

Three Ways To Upkeep Your HVAC Unit

Almost all modern homes are built with central heating and cooling systems. HVAC units, which effectively act as the engine behind central air systems, almost never fail to distribute hot, cool, and unconditioned ventilation throughout homes better than their wall- and window-mounted counterparts. As you might imagine, central air systems are more expensive to purchase than one-off air conditioners and plug-in space heaters. They’re well worth the additional cost, however. One of the best ways to get more bang for your proverbial buck from your HVAC system is to regularly maintain your system. Here are a few solid maintenance tips for central heating and air systems.

Filters Are Easy to Check and Replace

Air filters are also inherently integral to the performance of heating and cooling systems. Without air filters, expensive HVAC units draw in tons of dirt, debris, bugs, other particles, and small objects. These small pieces of matter accumulate over time and cause the inner workings of external HVAC units to deteriorate. Air filters can be found inside homes, typically on wide-open walls. Change these filters at least twice yearly.

Don’t Neglect the Exhaust

Homeowners need to clean their homes’ systems of ductwork. However, this task is far too difficult and extensive for most people to undertake. In other words, it should be left to the professionals. Always make it an effort to clean out the outdoors exhaust of your HVAC system. It requires no know-how, expertise, or expensive tools.

Clogged Evaporator Drains Are Bad News

You’ll be able to locate the evaporator drain by looking at the pipe the drips water whenever it blows cool air. This drain line can be cleaned by using a heavy-duty vacuum like a ShopVac. Don’t try to clean evaporator coil drains with regular, plain-Jane vacuums that are used to clean residences’ … Read More...