7 Smart Tips for Caring for a Rug to Stay Clean and Long Lasting

To make the house more beautiful and its inhabitants comfortable, it requires a variety of rugs of various kinds. Each rug has a different material, but the treatment is not much different. So that the rug is cleaner, you can also use a cleaning service rug. By using a cleaning service of oriental rugs san Antonio, it will use the right techniques and also a better cleaning fluid. Here are tips on caring for a rug to be durable and always as good as new.

Placement of Rugs

Rugs are very susceptible to dust and germs, especially if they often stepped on and occupied. However, to minimize the rug that is exposed to excessive dust, then avoid it to be placed in areas that often have activities. Avoid putting the rug near the shoe rack, because it is feared the dust or germs on the rack will move to the rug. Simply place it in the bedroom, workspace or living room.

Don’t Step on With Shoes

When you want to step on the rug, open the footwear. Shoes or sandals have a lot of dirt and germs which can damage the beauty and cleanliness of the rug. It would be better, make sure the feet are always clean when stepping on the rug.

Install the Doormat

In order to minimize germs that enter the house, then always provide a mat and use the mat often. In addition, wash the mat regularly so that germs and dust do not settle too long there. Germs and dust can fly in the air and perch on your fur rug.

Clean the Stain Immediately

If there is a stain on the rug, then don’t rub it. This will actually make the stain more spread and damage the material. You can use a special steam engine to remove stains. Simply direct the steam to the stain, and the hot steam will soften the stain so that it will clean faster. However, this method only applies to new stains, not old stains that have made an impression.

Wash Regularly

In order to keep the rug clean, wash it at least twice a year. It is advisable to wash the rug in summer with direct sunlight, it will dry completely. a moist rug will become a den of bacteria and germs and give off an unpleasant odor.

“Potion” for Rug Stains

If there are stains on the rugs, try cleaning them with natural ingredients. Mix lemon juice, salt, water, and vinegar then spray and clean the stain. This herb is able to help remove stains on the rug more easily.


For daily maintenance, then you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner every morning and night. Every time you do activities on the rug, always clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Isn’t it easy to do rug maintenance? With rugs that are always clean, then the family will also be protected from dust and germs. Then, the family will also avoid the threat of disease that comes from dust and dirt.