5 Cool Facts About Aerospace

Airplanes, rockets and other types of aerospace technology are stunning evidence that mankind has reached new heights. This type of engineering involves the study and design of aircraft and spacecraft, and it has been developing since 1799. With that in mind, here are five cool facts about aerospace engineering.

1. “Aerospace Engineering” Was Coined in 1958

The earliest mention of the term “aerospace engineering” was recorded in 1958. The term is a simple combination of the words “atmosphere” and “outer space.”

2. The First Satellite Was a Big Hit

Sputnik 1 stole the hearts of many as it went hurtling to outer space in 1957. Its orbit around the earth took a little over an hour. Because it was the first successfuls pacecraft to be launched, it led to the beginning of many new inventions in this type of engineering.

3. Aerospace Uses the Newest Technology

Some of the instruments that engineers use are some of the most sophisticated tools and software out there. Materials, such as aerospace fittings, used to create equipment and new technology can be incredibly small and intricate. Innovation is one of the main goals of this remarkable study of air and space.

4. Engineers are in High Demand

Many government agencies are searching for qualified aerospace engineers. This unique study of spacecraft and aircraft is wanted in a wide span of industries. Many of these projects are of great importance or lead to new discoveries.

5. Aerospace Engineering has Many Branches

If airplanes are not your cup of tea, aerospace covers a large variety of studies. From space shuttles to missiles, there is much opportunity within this industry. Many engineers find a specialty that they focus on in their schooling and work experience.

Science is fascinating, and aerospace engineering puts that science into action. With cool prototypes, specialized equipment and hands-on work, this career is a lifelong adventure.