4 Things To Think About When Building a Home in the Middle of Nowhere

Your parents left you a large plot of land, filled with trees, shrubs, undergrowth, and a million rocks. Now you are getting ready to build a home on the property and are trying to figure out what type of house you want, which direction the building should face, and how to get the utilities to the property. Here are four things to think about when building a home in the middle of nowhere.

Your Social Life

Living in the middle of nowhere means your social life may suffer – and your family life. Making new friends when your nearest neighbor is a farmer on the other side of the ravine 10 miles away may be more difficult than you know. You should also consider how you will handle family visitors.

Your Rocky Land

Deciding how much land you want to clear around your home, which trees to leave standing, and how level you want the ground may be a bigger consideration than you first thought. If you have concerns about what you are allowed to do on your land, contact a mulching western Canada service for information.

Your County Zone

The property may belong to you by title, but the county you live in owns the land by right and can limit what type of building can be constructed on the site, how many buildings can be built, and if out-buildings are allowed. If you are considering a commercial venture on the property, contact your county zoning board to find out what is permitted.

Your Water Problem

Did you know that not all properties have drinkable water and some property rights do not allow you to dig a well? Before you begin building, make sure you have a viable water source that can sustain you for years into the future.

Building a home can be exciting. Make sure you know what you are allowed to do on your land and the adventure should be a fun journey.