3 Things People Forget To Ask About When Buying a New Home Post Preview

In the excitement of finding a new home in a perfect location, may people get swept away with the curb appeal and forget to use a critical eye on what could be their newest purchase. Here are three common house problems that people forget to ask about when buying a new home.

The Hidden – Water Damage

Beware of signs of water damage. Whether it is yellowish spots on the ceiling or a portion of plaster that looks swollen or wrinkled, it could mean trouble. Sellers can hide obvious signs of water damage behind paint, but musty odors are not so easily hidden. If you have any concerns, ask about past problems going back at least three years. Full disclosure is the law.

The Unthinkable – Pests

It is nearly impossible to prevent all pests from invading any home. From ants to wasps to spiders, there can be many types of insects, bugs, and animals that can wage an assault on a house. If you smell something unusual, ask about stink bug pest control, pest infestations, or types of animals that have tried to invade the attic in recent years. It is important to know what army you are up against, especially if the home is in a rural area.

The Concealed – Gutters

Looking up to examine gutters is probably last on your list of things to do when walking around a new house and looking at the plants, fencing, and walkways. But checking the gutters for cracks, loose connections, and water damage along the side of the house could save you a good deal of money. Sagging gutters could also be a sign that there is a problem in the drainage system. Ask how often the pipes are cleaned, and when the tubing was installed.

If you are interested in purchasing a home, make sure you ask these three questions before signing any papers. Being proactive never hurts – it always helps