2 Bedroom Condo for Sale at Bali Water World for Rp5,730,725,000 U270979

A condo or condominium is usually a part of an apartment scheme and comes with a variety of services. Therefore, it is a must that you pay the property manager for the services at hand. The main charges included in these services are landscaping, cleaning and maintenance, gym and swimming pool maintenance and club house facilities. Buyers should be required to sign a written acknowledgment that they have received the entire disclosure statement to eliminate any disputes regarding when the rescission period begins to run. Most condominium legal documents provide that the board of directors sets the annual assessment subject to a veto right by the membership. While this is obviously a system with some degree of checks and balances, there is not statutory requirement that the annual assessment be adopted in this manner.

  • Segregated into five zones, there will be zones for live, work, play, business and education, boasting only the best in technology and architecture.
  • This includes areas such as the lobby, hallways, elevators, parking lots, and recreational facilities.
  • Singapore condos are usually built with recreational facilities such as clubhouse, children’s playground, gymnasium, swimming pool, squash, tennis courts, and sometimes even a putting green.
  • From maintenance and repairs to enforcing rules and regulations, condo managers ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • The firm has been a good source of continuity when we have had turnover.

The condo market in the Philippines has been steadily growing over the years, with a significant increase in demand from both local and foreign investors. Yes, it is possible to buy a condo off-plan or pre-selling in the Philippines. This means that you are purchasing a unit that has not yet been completed or constructed. The Contract to Sell and Deed of Absolute Sale are two legal documents that are involved in buying a condo in the Philippines.

Fernvale Road Condo

Properties and opulent living experiences across the Indonesian archipelago. Seminyak- Similar to Kuta, though not quite as busy or crowded, Seminyak is known for its luxury 5-star resorts and its fine dining, shopping and nightlife. The beaches are of pristine quality and there is always something exciting to do or see. There is an abundance of condo rentals to choose from and a large selection of villas and luxury resorts. Condo for sale of 15sqm, consisting of 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom located at Kelapa Gading Barat, Jakarta Utara.

This is the luxurious, bright spacious apartments with a very rare layout. Corner unit with views of the mountains, a terrace overlooking a quiet pool and palm trees. New properties are also more likely to appeal to potential tenants. Tenants are spoiled for choice these days and they are savvy enough to know the pros of new units over the cons of older ones.