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Tom Huang, co-owner of Tera Development, said some of the smaller developers will have second or third mortgages, and sometimes a private lender will just take over the property and hold it until the market picks up again. The site had been owned by a numbered company that was operated by Vivagrand Developments, sold through a court-ordered sale as part of foreclosure proceedings. Vivagrand had obtained approval to develop a 28-storey condo tower at 1555 Robson St., but GWL will be submitting a new plan for a rental tower. Vivagrand, which is now known as Align Properties, had also defaulted on loan payments at another West End site, a four-storey apartment building at 1485 Davie St. Align Properties is the North American arm of China’s Xiangli Group.

Our process is flexible and dynamic to make certain we meet our client’s needs. MRP is committed to pleasing our clients, residents, investors, in the cities, neighborhood and communities we develop in. At MRP, we take advantage of our real estate expertise and creative acumen to develop rewarding projects that promote meaningful community engagement and look towards the future.

Hiring a Project Manager

This tactic was exploited to help hype sales by creating false impressions of a development project’s popularity and prices. Securing funding for a real estate development project requires careful planning, thorough research, and persuasive communication skills. By exploring different funding options and understanding how to effectively secure loans or investments, you can increase your chances of obtaining the necessary funds to bring your real estate development project to life. When it comes to real estate development projects, securing funding is a crucial stage that can make or break the success of the venture.

Emphasis is placed on risk management and the concept of risk mitigation, utilizing leases and mortgages to align risk and return dynamics with investor requirements. Learn to analyze real estate investments, blending investment theory, with real world financial modeling and analysis as it is done at the world’s leading real estate investment firms. Real estate development is one of the most collaborative endeavors there is. Developers have to connect with agents to evaluate and acquire the target property. Developers are constantly interfacing with architects, suppliers, general contractors and subcontractors. And don’t forget that, at every step, inspectors and government officials are literally in charge of the project’s momentum and ultimate success or failure.