What To Know if You Are Going to Be a Bridesmaid in an Indian Wedding

If you have the privilege of being asked to be a part of a wedding, it can be an exhilarating time to celebrate a special couple in your life. While you may be familiar with western or American weddings, a traditional Indian wedding often has its own beautiful traditions, ceremonies and intricacies. If you want to be prepared, here are a few things that you should know.


While you may have picked out your fair share of bridesmaid dresses, your attire for a traditional Indian wedding will be very different. You will likely be wearing pure silk sarees Bernardsville NJ. These beautiful outfits are often adorned with delicate beading, beautiful stitching and gorgeous features.

Timeline and Activities

The ceremony, activities and celebration also vary from American weddings. It is common to host a multiday celebration, often three days that will encompass the different traditions and ceremonies. While not all activities will involve all guests, you should be prepared for a longer wedding celebration.

Religious and Cultural Elements

For a traditional Indian wedding, you may get a chance to experience the beauty of a different culture. You can learn more about Hindu wedding ceremony traditions and other traditions in advance so that you can recognize its importance and be able to understand its impact.


While many Americanized weddings often use registries and traditional gifts, it is common in Indian tradition to offer monetary gifts at the wedding. While many modern couples are finding a way to weave different traditions together, this is another aspect that you may not have been as aware of.

If you are a part of an Indian wedding, you should be ready to have fun, enjoy delicious food and be ready for an enjoyable time. These celebrations are often elaborate, bright and breathtaking. While you should get ready for the fun, you can also learn a lot about the beautiful traditions and culture.