The Design Process

A deck is an extension of the home with many functions. It can be an area where you gather with your family to enjoy talking to each other or to enjoy grilling a meal. It can also be a place where you hold special events, such as birthday parties. Before you build a deck, you should have a design idea in place so that you know the size that you want and the features that you want to include.

First, set a budget for how much you can comfortably afford for your deck. This budget should include hiring a contractor if you’re not doing the work yourself as well as any permits that you might need because of adding an extension to your home. Meet with Chicago deck builders who can give you an estimate about how much the project could cost and some of the amenities that you might want to include. Once you have a budget in place, you can begin looking for a contractor or begin purchasing the supplies that you’ll need for the project.

The design of your deck should be based on the activities that you’ll do the most while you’re outside. If you plan to entertain a lot, then you might want to consider an open space. However, a smaller design would be ideal if you just want somewhere you can relax and enjoy time talking to your family and friends. The furniture and decorations that you want to add are just as important as the deck itself. If you want to have nicer furniture, a rug, lights, or decorations that are similar to what you might have inside your home, then consider a covered deck or one that is completely enclosed with screened sides. You can also design the deck using other clear materials depending on how much you have in your budget so that the features are protected while still allowing you to view your yard.