Prepare Your Pool for Winter Weather

When the leaves begin to turn, you know that fall has arrived and the swimming season is rapidly reaching its end. Hopefully you were able to make the most of your pool over the summer, but now it’s time to work on putting it away for the winter.

Shock Therapy

While it may seem counterintuitive, you should start winterizing your pool by repeating the routine maintenance tasks of the summer season. Use your chemicals to bring the pH balance to the standard 7.8 or thereabouts, and “shock” the pool with a super-high dose of chlorine. Once your chlorine level has fallen back to normal, you can add your algaecides and other winter chemicals.

Final Cleanup

Before you consign your pool brushes and vacuum to storage for another season, give your pool one last thorough cleaning. You should also backwash your pool filter with compressed air, as well as remove and manually clean its inner grids or cartridges where such exist.

Drain Your Pool

People who have never drained swimming pools pittsburgh pa before may naturally imagine removing all the water. In fact, the best method is not to drain the pool completely, but only a bit below the lowest plumbing line. Leaving some water in the pool protects the foundation from dryness-induced cracking and the lining from tears caused by any debris which makes it into the pool over the winter. However much water you decide to drain, be sure it’s below the skimmer.

Additionally, it would be smart to blow out all plumbing lines with your pool vacuum to ensure they’re free of water. If the lines freeze, you’ll regret you didn’t. You’ll also need to drain the water out of individual pool components such as pumps, filters, and anything else with a drain plug.

Cover It Up

Finally, you can put on your pool’s winter cover. Check that your cover is fully intact and can keep out the maximum amount of debris and sunlight.

Winterizing your pool is hard work. However, if done properly, you should be in good shape for next summer.