Keeping Pests Out of Your Yard and Home

Fleas and ticks are more than nuisances—they can pose a health hazard to your pets and your family by carrying diseases. However, at the same time, you want to make sure that the solution to these pests is not a danger to your children or animal companions. If you’re looking for child and pet friendly tick control, here are some steps you can take to keep everyone safe.

Lawn Maintenance

An unruly lawn can provide a safe haven for fleas and ticks. Tall grass and overgrown shrubs provide shade that fleas seek and vantage points from where ticks can latch onto a host. Regularly trimming grass, shrubs and tree branches makes the lawn less hospitable to these bugs—plus, it often makes for a nicer-looking yard. If you live adjacent to a wooded area, pay special attention to managing the brush there or consider applying a gravel or mulch border that discourages ticks from traveling across.

Preventative Pet Care

Practice checking your pets for ticks regularly, especially after a day of roughhousing outside; focus on the ears, neck, upper legs, underbelly and the base of the tail. Regular baths, vacuuming and washing pet bedding are good ideas, too. If you can, purchase flea and tick medicine, generally in a topical form, and apply it every few months. Make sure to consult a vet.

Responsible Spraying

If you must spray, consult a vet on products that are minimally toxic. Some products use natural ingredients that repel fleas, ticks and other pets, but make sure that they don’t come from any plants that are toxic to dogs or cats. Keep in mind, too, that these won’t kill pests and thus work best alongside other methods of prevention. Also, even at their least toxic, avoid using sprays around where pets or children often … Read More...

Things to Consider When Downsizing Your Home

There are many reasons that people choose to move to a smaller place. Once your kids are grown, you may find you don’t need as much space as you used to and having a big house can become a burden. There are a lot of things to consider before you actually decide to take the plunge though. Here are some things to figure out first.

What to Get Rid Of

You most likely will not be able to take all of your belongings to a smaller place as they simply won’t fit. Start by making a list of the things that are most important to you so you can be sure you have room for those. You can then separate the rest into things you’d like to keep and items that you want to get rid of. When looking for your next home, make sure it has enough room for the things you can’t live without.

Where to Live Next

You need to decide if you are going to live in a house, apartment or even in senior housing Denver Colorado. Are you going to stay in your current city or move somewhere new? These are things you should decide on before you start looking. Going into the process knowing what you want will make it a lot easier.

What it Will Cost

Just because you are moving to a smaller place, doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost less. Sit down and have a serious discussion about your finances before you start looking. Having a budget will help you know what you can afford in advance and cause you less stress.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of these decisions, know there is help out there. Find a good realtor to ease you through this process and handle … Read More...

Beautify Your Lawn in a Few Easy Steps

Your front yard is the first impression people have of your home. Colorful plantings full of blooms and texture make a yard interesting and eye-catching. A well-manicured lawn gives the yard a healthy and fresh look. Here are a few tips to help keep your lawn in great shape.

Hills and Valleys

Gentle, rolling mounds like those found on a golf course, can add interest and texture. Add a shallow ledge here and there with a natural stone or rock wall edge. If you have unwanted low spots, you may want to bring in some topsoil to level them out. If the problem is that the lawn has settled over sewer or water pipes, you may want to have trench breakers installed, similar to those used in construction projects to reinforce and support the soil above.

Fertilize and Treat Weeds

Fertilizer is a good way to thicken a lawn. Choose one that is high in nitrogen to bring out the green in your lawn. If it is not responsive, you may need to

use some humates, or humic acid, to make the soil more receptive. For thin or bare areas you may possibly need to overseed the area. Treat the lawn for clover, chickweed and crabgrass if needed. You can choose from granules or liquid seed treatments. The fertilizer can help thicken the lawn and choke out the weeds.


Don’t underestimate the power of water, but don’t overdo it either. If you have a sprinkling system, it only needs to be set to go off for about an hour and a half a couple of times a week. If you water early in the morning, the cells of the grass are still open and receptive, they can more fully absorb the water and should not require more … Read More...

3 Moving Mistakes That Can Instantly Ruin Floors

Many people only give themselves a day or two to move from one house or apartment to another. This short time frame can result in cutting corners to save time. Floors often get damaged in the rush to move in and out of residences. You can take a few precautions to ensure that the move does not result in damaged floors.

Cover Floors

The easiest way to prevent floor damage is to cover the floors with a tarp or plastic to prevent damage. Manufacturers create a type of plastic floor covering that is slightly sticky. This cover protects the floor, stays in place, and is easily removed when done hardwood floors and carpet. Movers or anyone going in and out of the residence can also wear shoe covers made of fabric. A small elastic band keeps them in place on your feet.

Carry Items

Some people may be tempted to drag heavier items on the floor once movers place moving boxes in chesterfield mo and the furniture in a room. However, this can be a great way to scratch hardwood floors or damage carpet. The best option is to pick up heavy items and reposition them in the room. If you do this while the movers are still at the home, you will save your floors and your back.

Choose Quality

When trying to pack items for moving, some people run around to stores and grab any boxes that they can find. However, many of these boxes were not made with packing home goods in mind. They fall apart easily, especially when weighed down with heavy items. You can quickly and easily purchase new or used moving boxes from moving companies, home improvement stores, or people who have recently moved. Sturdy boxes will protect your items and the floors.… Read More...

How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

If you’re in the middle of a home improvement project, it can be tempting to try and complete the project yourself to save yourself some money. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not be skilled in home improvement, which means you may not know what you’re doing when it comes to completing construction projects around your home, such as roofing projects. If this is the case, it can actually be more beneficial for your safety, sanity, and wallet to hire a professional roofing contractor. If you’ve never hired a contractor before, here are some tips to make the process go smoothly.

Conduct a Search

To get started in hiring a contractor, you should know where to look. You can go the old fashioned way and open up a phonebook to find contractors. However, many contractors may not be listed in traditional phone books as we become more ingrained in digital, so your best option may be to open up your web browser and search roofers near me. This should bring up a listing of available contractors in your area that are skilled in roofing projects.

Ask for Credentials

You can narrow down your search by checking online reviews of contractors to see what people have to say about their work. You can also ask around to see what people have to say about the contractors you found. After narrowing down your search, reach out to the different companies to get their credentials, which includes a portfolio of their work and references. You’ll also want to be sure they’re licensed and insured.

Get an Assessment

After you’ve narrowed down your search to a couple contractors, have them come out to your home to do an in-person assessment of your roof. This will give you an idea of … Read More...

Create a Personalized Kitchen Layout

The kitchen is one of the most used places within a home, and frankly, it is one of the most judged and envied spots among friends or guests. Some people prefer a smaller kitchen space because they have little interest in cooking and baking, while others wish for a Food Network kitchen in their home. Regardless of the size you are working with, by creatively constructing a custom kitchen layout, you can maximize the space you have for your needs.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Although this might take a chunk out of your budget, having the right appliance for the space can make a big difference. Choosing energy efficient appliances can also help save money over time. To make the transition easier, think about hiring an appliance installation Washington DC company to help bring in the new and remove the old.

Think About Storage

Even small kitchens need to have a lot of storage, but it can be hard to think of where to get the extra space. Custom cabinets can be built to meet space needs and can also include special features for more awkward kitchen designs. Using tiered shelving can also help create space. Going vertical opens up possibilities for more room.

Include an Island

A kitchen island is one way to bring more counter space into the kitchen as well as provide storage and dining opportunity. These can be custom built or bought according the look and design you want. If you are handy with some tools, you can easily create your own island from cabinet bases and counter top pieces.

Consider the Lighting

If your space is small, improving your lighting can help make the room seem bigger. While the color scheme and décor palette should be inviting, having good lighting can make the room brighter. It … Read More...

The Value of an Experienced Real Estate Agent

When you need to buy or sell a home, you may find yourself wondering whether to hire a realtor or to tackle the purchase or sale on your own. No matter where you live, it’s natural to want to buy or sell properties at a good rate. In really popular areas, homeowners and homebuyers stand to lose a lot of money if they proceed without really knowing what they’re doing. While there are plenty of DIY tips and tricks listed online, truly positive real estate results come when an experienced professional is involved.

Access to Professional Tips

If you’re ready to buy or sell, don’t ask yourself, “Why are there so many real estate offices near me in lake county fl?” Instead, take some time to understand the value of working with a realtor. For example, there are many tips and tricks that professionals know about making a quick sale versus making a lucrative sale. The same can be said of purchases. When making a decision that involves such a large financial investment, it just makes sense to hire someone with more expertise than yourself.

Knowledge About Communities and Neighborhoods

Another great reason to work with a real estate professional is their familiarity with and knowledge of neighborhoods. Are you looking for a neighborhood with family appeal or a great professional dynamic? You can spend a lot of valuable time researching and visiting neighborhoods, or you can work with a professional who already has plenty of neighborhood knowledge to share. When working with a real estate agent, you have access to similar advice regarding pricing, and market conditions.

Skilled and Dependable Representation

Unfortunately, there are many people, professionals and otherwise, who are willing to take advantage of those who aren’t as familiar with real estate negotiations. Real estate agents … Read More...

3 Things People Forget To Ask About When Buying a New Home Post Preview

In the excitement of finding a new home in a perfect location, may people get swept away with the curb appeal and forget to use a critical eye on what could be their newest purchase. Here are three common house problems that people forget to ask about when buying a new home.

The Hidden – Water Damage

Beware of signs of water damage. Whether it is yellowish spots on the ceiling or a portion of plaster that looks swollen or wrinkled, it could mean trouble. Sellers can hide obvious signs of water damage behind paint, but musty odors are not so easily hidden. If you have any concerns, ask about past problems going back at least three years. Full disclosure is the law.

The Unthinkable – Pests

It is nearly impossible to prevent all pests from invading any home. From ants to wasps to spiders, there can be many types of insects, bugs, and animals that can wage an assault on a house. If you smell something unusual, ask about stink bug pest control, pest infestations, or types of animals that have tried to invade the attic in recent years. It is important to know what army you are up against, especially if the home is in a rural area.

The Concealed – Gutters

Looking up to examine gutters is probably last on your list of things to do when walking around a new house and looking at the plants, fencing, and walkways. But checking the gutters for cracks, loose connections, and water damage along the side of the house could save you a good deal of money. Sagging gutters could also be a sign that there is a problem in the drainage system. Ask how often the pipes are cleaned, and when the tubing was installed.

If you …

Key Guide to Choosing Right Building Consultancy Services

Construction Company: Must Choose Wisely

This is a real case a few years ago, We Buy Houses company based in Dallas, TX. A large piles of concrete, iron, cement become radiant by using construction, and everybody want to select the construction company that may transform structures in the perfect way. In situation you plan develop an office, a home, or possibly a resort you’ll seek incredible quality of intellect and talent within the designers, technicians, in addition to construction workers.

You need to be pretty careful when choosing Construction Company to construct the best master plan as all you have lies at risk. Following mentioned specifications will facilitate you when deciding on a dependable in addition to economical construction company for your household Building Project.

Investigate their credibility

You may begin with their websites also investigate every detail offered by the company. Also you can go through distinct feed-back as well as the testimonials made by the previous clientele. Can help you to understand even better in regard to the company you are planning to hire.

Examine their earlier job

It’s always important to nominate that company that will carry out the sort of work you require. You must also evaluate their profile to ensure yourself relating to their qualification and talent to provide you the construction work you’re longing for.

Affiliated by the Government

The firm you are likely to hire must be approved by the Govt . seeing that won’t just render security and definately will sort out all lawful conditions.

Expenses Matters

Construction Company which is rendering superior service in more good prices should really be your high priority. Counter check each of the rates of several other house construction companies then choose. You should consider asking for Home Building Contracts.

Speak to others

Share your …