3 Ways to Know Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

When you’re at work, while you may not notice if your HVAC is working efficiently, you certainly will when it stops. Whether the temperatures plummet and you’re all shivering in your coats, or they shoot up and everyone is vying for the only available fan, there will have been several signs that your HVAC unit was about to give up long before you had to call out commercial HVAC contractors Minneapolis MN. Here are three ways you can tell that it’s time to call in the professionals before it’s too late.

Inconsistent Airflow

Are parts of your office freezing cold while others are the perfect temperature? HVAC units are designed to distribute air equally around a room. If air is unevenly dispersed, there’s a chance you have a blockage in your unit, and it needs cleaning.


Air conditioning units are damp places, which makes them a hotbed for mold to grow and spread. Mold is a dangerous thing to allow to develop in an office space; mold spores can be toxic and can make your employees very sick. If you start to smell a musty, old scent that lingers, you could have a mildew problem on your hands. Mold growth can often require cleaning care by a specialist, so be sure to call out an expert right away.


Is your office dusty even after the cleaning teams have come around? If there is more dust gathered around your air vent, it’s a reliable indicator that your vent is blocked. The more blocked your vent becomes, the less efficient it will be, and it will have to work harder to get the job done. The more power it uses, the more your energy bills will be.

If your HVAC vents are blocked and need a good clean, … Read More...

The House of Your Dreams

You’ve scrimped and saved. You’ve dreamed and hoped and planned. It’s finally time to get yourself the home you’ve always wanted. There’s a lot to consider, particularly if you’re planning to get a new built home. You want everything to be perfect, after all.


Location really is everything. Where is the nearest grocery store? What are the neighbors like — and how close are they? What school district will your children be in? What will your commute be like? All these things will be affected by location, and they all deserve as much consideration and careful thought as the way the lot is laid out and the views you get from it.


Once you’ve found exactly the right location, you’ve got to put exactly the right house on it. With custom architectural design, you have all kinds of choices. Are you looking for a traditional colonial style look, or a rambler? What are the restrictions in your area? What’s the HOA like? All of these are questions worth considering but don’t forget that your own requirements are just as important. How many people do you need room for? Can they get to the second floor? Home design should suit your needs first and foremost.


Now comes the fun part. This is where your house truly becomes your home. Paint colors, curtain patterns, upholstery and furnishings, carpets and art are just the beginning of how you make your mark on this house. You don’t just want the decoration to be harmonious with the design, you want it to be something that makes you feel happy and at home every time you open the door and look at your walls. Remember that you want things to be just right — not by the nebulous standard of some … Read More...

Purchasing an Old Home? 3 Problems To Look For

Living in an old home is the dream of many as the majesty and history of the unique building draws them in with the stylish construction designs. There is a grandeur in many older homes that can not be found in modern constructions. However, there can also be problems with the historical constructions. If you are purchasing an old home, look for these three problems before you buy.

Lead Paint

If the home you are considering buying was built before 1978 there is a good chance it has lead-based paint. If there is any peeling, chipping, chalking, or flaking, have a company come in and sand the area down. When the paint begins to chalk, the surfaces can be especially dangerous to children because they touch areas and then put their hands into their mouths. Lead paint is considered toxic to pets and children by the EPA.

Foundation Cracks

Old homes have had many years to settle, and they can do that several times as the earth tremors occur, nearby blasting happens, earthquakes a few hundred miles away shake the area, or ice storms move the silt or land in your yard. Cracks can appear in your foundation, and sometimes you need foundation repairs Tulsa OK to keep the home from leaning or tilting. Signs the building has settled unevenly include cracks above windows sills or finding doors or windows that no longer open or close.

Asbestos Issues

Asbestos products were commonly used in building construction for almost a century. About 20 years ago, that ended. The problem with asbestos is that you can’t see it, but the fibers can come loose and enter your bronchial passages, sometimes leading to breathing problems. The only way to makes sure your home or building is asbestos free is to have an inspector … Read More...