4 Tips to Protect Your Empty House

Numerous factors contribute to a property remaining vacant for an extended period. Perhaps you are in between moves, have relocated to allow for renovations or repairs, or are staying far away from home due to illness. Whatever the reason, it is critical to prepare the property for the duration of the vacant period. Preparing a property for a period of inactivity can help prevent damage and crime.

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Here are some tips for maintaining the security of your vacant home during periods of inactivity:

1.   Ensure that all security systems are fully operational

While this may seem self-evident, it is all too easy to overlook checking all of the locks on your windows and doors or setting the alarm when leaving an unoccupied property. Take a moment to check that all access points are locked, including windows and doors leading from access points such as the garage. Ascertain that no spare keys are left outside the building (particularly not beneath the plant pot!) and that no tickets are visible through windows, such as those on the kitchen worktop.

Even if your home is vacant, it is well worth the effort to maintain any existing security systems to deter intruders. Motion detector lights can be an excellent investment and a very effective burglar deterrent. Install motion-activated lights on the exteriors of your home that will illuminate when someone walks around your property. Additionally, you can add security by installing lights above the garage, front entrance, and windows.

Additionally, do not believe that thieves are only concerned with your home’s contents. Even when all personal property has been removed from a property, there are still some other valuable properties that thieves can steal; some of them are copper plumbing pipes roof tiles, and even boilers. It not only results in a loss but also in the possibility of severe water or other types of damage to your property, which are unlikely to be covered unless you have specialist unoccupied home insurance.

2.   Smart Automated Home Devices

Technological advancements have aided in developing a variety of useful ‘smart’ devices that can reduce the risk of a loss escalating or, in some cases, ultimately prevent a loss.

Leak detection devices are becoming more prevalent and can help prevent significant losses in a variety of ways. While some of the more basic models can send an alert to your phone when a leak is detected, more advanced models can also monitor the pipework’s temperature and alert you when it is in danger of freezing over. The most advanced models may include shut-off valves that automatically shut off the water supply when a leak is detected.

With advancements in smart home security devices, you can monitor activity on the property from any location via your smartphone, both internally and externally. When someone rings the doorbell, video doorbell devices instantly notify your phone and even include a camera, speaker, and microphone so you can see and speak with the person at the door. Advanced models detect movement and notify you when someone is outside your home, even if they have not rung the doorbell.

3.   Regularly maintain the property, both internally and externally

You should visit the property regularly whenever possible. If you no longer live close by, enlist a friend or neighbour’s assistance to keep an eye on the property regularly. Regular visitors create the illusion of occupancy and act as an effective crime deterrent. Your visitors can turn on lights, collect mail from the area outside the front door, and leave their car in the parking lot.

Additionally, it will help you quickly identify any damage or issues that have occurred (for example, a leaking pipe), allowing you to resolve the issue and avoid further damage or long-term problems.

If you cannot locate a volunteer, contact a property maintenance professional who can make these visits on your behalf.

In addition to maintaining the home’s interior, it is critical to maintaining the property’s exterior. Thieves and vandals are on the lookout for signs of impending abandonment. Leaving the garden overgrown and allowing waste to accumulate outside serves as an advertisement for thieves and vandals. Waste removal and site clearance will help conceal the fact that your property is vacant, deterring intruders.